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As a Certified BioTE Provider, our Natural Bio Health – Round Rock team is proud to offer our patients BioTE Medical’s method for hormone therapy at our Round Rock, TX office. With more than one million insertions performed, BioTE Medical’s method of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) may help men and women experiencing hormone imbalance. With Natural Bio Health – Round Rock as your trusted Certified BioTE Provider located in Round Rock, TX, BioTE can begin your journey to wellness by helping ease your hormone imbalance symptoms. Contact Natural Bio Health – Round Rock today to schedule your appointment to discuss your BioTE Medical options!

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The Brain Scan Helmet powered by WAVI is an innovative FDA Class II medical device that allows health care providers to perform EEG brain scans in a relaxed outpatient setting or at your school or training facility.

Integrating Brain and Body Performance, the BIPRI Brain Scan provides direct measurements of brain function. Track how exercise, nutrition and lifestyle can change the performance of your brain.

Kohn Group

“Dr. Robert Kohn knows that the proper diagnosis leads to the proper treatment. He uses a Holistic concept of Healing and views the patient as a whole, rather than just treating the symptoms. Dr. Kohn’s approach is to assess your symptoms using a Biological-Psychological-Social framework. This is explained in Our Approach to Healing.”

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Performance Neuro Training

“I am a past athlete and self proclaimed biohacker-health and wellness enthusiast! I have personally experienced various sports injuries, struggles, losses and challenges within my life which has enabled me to become the compassionate and understanding therapist I am today. I use a holistic mind-body system approach to address every aspect of your life which may be out of balance and keeping you from reaching your goals. I thrive on watching my clients heal and move past their challenges!”

-Paige E. Roberts
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LICSWA, LCSW, BSPIII

Neuro Health of Texas

“We utilize an innovative brain scan and testing platform that provides the ability to objectively measure brain activity. We provide a cost-effective scanning service and trained staffing to support you and your community.”

-Dr. Cameron Prather

Helios Integrated Medicine

“We are grounded in the science of medicine and committed to the art of caring. Helios Integrated Medicine presents a refreshing alternative to the typical hurried medical visit.”

Clarke Pharmaceuticals

“Our specialty nutraceuticals have been tested in rehabilitation hospitals on patients with strokes, concussions, spinal cord injuries, and neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, autism, and Parkinsons disease.”

Results PT and Performance

RESULTS Physical Therapy & Training Center is the leading sports medicine & performance training facility in Northern California. Kyle Yamashiro, PT, DPT, CSCS, President of RESULTS, gained his sports medicine knowledge while working with the world-renowned Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, AL. He made the move to the west coast and after a few years of practicing at UC Davis, he opened the first clinic in Rancho Murieta, CA in 1999. Today, RESULTS has three locations: Rancho Murieta, Fair Oaks, and Sacramento. We work with hundreds of local athletes, students, recreational athletes, and people of all ages, to make them stronger, faster and healthier.

9852 Business Park Drive Suite A

Sacramento, CA 95827
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AM Medical LLC Internal Medicine/ Integrative Health Services

Dr. Mihalcea is a board certified Internal Medicine physician with 20 years of clinical experience  including Geriatrics, offering integrative health services at AM Medical LLC in Yelm, WA. She combines cutting edge technology like  WAVi to provide objective data regarding Brain Performance and Health, this early detection technology assists in the treatment and preventative protocols for addressing numerous brain related diseases including behavioral concerns. In her practice she addresses integrative preventative health and management and reversal of all chronic diseases with focus on antiaging and youthful longevity.

She uses a broad array of therapies which includes IV nutritional therapy, peptides, Exosomes, bioidentical hormones, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and more to restore her patients to optimum health.

For more information visit OFFICE: 360-960-8538 – FAX: 360-252-7023

Upgrade Labs

Does reaching top cognitive and physical fitness seem elusive? Have you tried everything else with sub-par results? What if achieving peak mental and physical performance was less about pushing your body to work harder and more about using science and technology to unlock your body and mind to function more efficiently?

What if all you needed was a key that only the professional athletes, celebrities, and NASA had until now? We make peak performance accessible and attainable, to any human, for the first time in history.

At Upgrade Labs, we use the same tools and talent as the top 1% to unlock a level of performance that will exceed expectations of what you thought possible.

Entrepology Labs

We live in an era where medicine can be directed by large-scale science, but implemented with individualized precision. Through the use of functional testing and the tradition of naturopathic medicine, Entrepology Performance Labs delivers care that is unique, impactful and tailored to the needs and circumstances of our patients.



At SPARCC, our providers base their clinical decision making and concussion recovery plans on evidence-based research. An April 2019 article published in JAMA supports the use of Active Rehab Protocol for concussion patients. This research adds to the mounting evidence released over the last 10 years substantiating the importance of Active Rehab Protocol in concussion recovery.

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Dr. Fred Seyfried

Dr. Fred believes that effective chiropractic treatments go well beyond skeletal and muscle manipulation, and in doing so, help to dismantle negative energy blocks that may hinder a person’s health potential.

Dr. Fred graduated with honors from Life West Chiropractic College, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and SDSU. Fred diligently trained and refined his skills with guidance from Jay Komerak D.C, Eric Rubin D.C and Arno Burnier D.C.

In addition, he has taught at many chiropractic technique seminars and enjoys sharing his knowledge with other professionals in the healthcare field. Dr. Fred is also recognized statewide as an energetic and dynamic speaker on holistic healthcare and has taught with some of the professions’ finest. Dr. Fred also focuses on Moms-to-be and their “little ones”.

Phone | 858-259-9491

DTP Gaspar PT clinic

We practice excellence each day by engaging in evidence-based therapy, research, mentoring, patient feedback, and the promotion of the independent practice of physical therapy.

We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of orthopedic injuries, cardiac conditions, sports injuries, spine conditions, post-surgical care, auto accident injuries, and balance and stability programs.

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Pure Care Pharmacy

At PureCare Pharmacy, our mission is to establish long-term relationships with our customers. Our promise is to consistently provide the highest quality of care to help in achieving your unique health goals. Through knowledgeable staff, we will provide the best professional services and products in a compassionate environment and in the most efficient manner

PureCare Pharmacy is a family owned and independently operated pharmacy located in Carmel Valley, San Diego. Our family lives locally, so this is our community as well. We know that you can fill your medications anywhere, but what sets us apart is the unparalleled customer service that we provide to each of our clients. We want to be actively involved in the management and guidance of your health.

Our staff genuinely cares about the community and every patient that comes through our door. We are committed to providing you with compassionate, high-quality service and care. Through our interventions and medication management protocols, we’re doing more than just dispensing medication. We want to empower our patients both through education and self-management.

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p3 Brain Performance

p3 Brain Performance is the creating a #NoBrainer Movement. Our vision is to provide 100M baseline brain scan & balance assessments for everyone ages 8+ through our scan center locations and partnerships with clinics, sports organizations, health & wellness centers and more. Everyone has a play in knowing their brain voltage, reaction times, brain balance and mental health status with objective FDA-cleared technologies through p3!


p: 877-265-5291

Psychology 360

Psychology 360 is a private psychology practice Psychological Evaluations, Psychoeducational Evaluations and Forensic Evaluations. We work with children, adolescents and adults.

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Baslyne Brain Scan Technology

Baslyne is a quick and easy way to establish a “real time” baseline for brain performance and add a novel source of information that can help determine safer Return to Play and Class protocol.

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Midwest Brain Health Technologies

Offering low cost brain assessments to the Kansas City area.


Grayslake Rehabilitation Physical Therapy

Grayslake Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy & Wellness understands how the body works and how to get you moving again.

Phone: (847) 223-8001
Fax: (847) 986-3580

Glynn Chiropractic

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Next Health-Dr. Mahsin Habib

This is the most advanced physical in the world. We use cutting edge tools, technology and lab testing to predict and prevent disease which ultimately leads to a prolonged life. This isn’t your average physical, this is a 6 week program!

(703) 724-4000

Kathryn Guylay

Peak performance coaching so you can Have Fun Getting it Done!

Laurie Coyle


Natural Bio Health-Lakeway

Natural Bio Health provides customized Non-Invasive Weight Loss solutions with faster and effective results, including the Medical Weight Loss Diet Plan. Our unique approach identifies the underlying issues of weight gain to help you lose weight and maintain your weight loss. Not only will you feel more energized, healthier and confident, but you will also receive ongoing motivational support every step of the way, including customized diet plans and nutrition guidance.

The Well-Aging Lifestyle SRL

Strategic Nutrition Center

Dr. Lorenzo Bergami

Telefono: 338 589 52 43

Rehana Sajjad, MD, FACOG. Womens Health Care, PC.

Rehana Sajjad, MD, FACOG. Womens Health Care, PC.

(718) 271-9900

Dr. Mitchs Total Health


Sherwood OR 97140
503. 625.5678
Dr. Russell John Kort is an Author, Public Speaker, Resilience Specialist and the 2019 Innovator of the year for BrainTap Technologies.  Dr. Kort is a 1999 graduate of the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa and has studied Functional Neurology since 2010.  Millions are suffering from unexplained neurological, neurobehavioral (anxiety and depression), eye, ear, heart, sleep, and immune issues from environmental and technology toxins (ETT).  For the past two years a collaborative effort to research diagnostics and strategies to mitigate these (concussion-like) ETT symptoms has been underway at K2 Pinnacle Health and Hyperbarics with great success.  WAVi integrates brain and body performance which has allowed Dr. Kort the ability to measure his proven protocols.  

If no practitioner is listed in your area send us a message to find the nearest location.

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