Integrating brain and body performance

WAVi Performance provides direct measurements of brain function. Track how exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle can change the performance of the brain.

Hacking Brain Performance

How are you measuring the effect your program has on the brain? Improved brain performance can be objectively demonstrated using the WAVi System.

Wellbeing starts with the brain

When was the last time you checked your brain performance?


The WAVi headset allows for a multi-faceted, panoramic assessment of brain performance.


The brain performance headset is lightweight, durable and can be easily transported.

Easy to use

Setup can be done in as little as 5 minutes and brain wave testing in as little as 4 minutes.

Cognitive Evaluation

WAVi’s multi-faceted interface is ideal for tracking brain state changes.


Cognitive Resources

Autonomic Nervous System

Brain Hacking

WAVi brain wave tests combine measures of brain
response and physical response to give
direct assessments of brain function.

We believe that design matters. WAVi EEG headsets were designed by legendary Italian firm MOMO DESIGN.

Based in Milan, MOMO DESIGN is famous for its work with Ferrari, Ducati, Hoover and Logitech.


WAVi Research collaborations are pioneering the future of machine learning in medicine.

Headquartered out of Nobel Laureate Tom Cech's Biofrontiers Institute at the University of Colorado, WAVi Research has created and analyzed data sets that include pre-symptom Alzheimer's, a 6-year longitudinal concussion study on NCAA athletes, studies on hearing loss and mental function, correlations between heart and brain health, and the effects of interventions on brain performance, including the effects of ADHD medication. Recently, WAVi has been awarded an NIH grant to study acute pain and opioid abuse. WAVi also helps promote its clinicians through open research collaborations made available by the WAVi cloud application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All about WAVi


WAVi is a multifaceted brain performance assessment tool. WAVi makes it possible for those who are proactively improving brain health to measure the effectiveness of their efforts.

What is an ERP?

An ERP (or event-related potential) is a measure of brain response. EEG is used to record the brain’s reaction to a novel stimulus such as a sound or image. ERP tests are time locked to a certain stimulus with a very high temporal resolution (down to the millisecond). Having been involved in innumerable clinical research studies over the last 70+ years, ERP tests are well-established metrics.

What is an EEG?

An EEG (or electroencephalogram) is a typically non-invasive method that tracks and records brain wave patterns. Localized brain activity is recorded via a number of metal electrodes. The EEG brain test is an ideal tool for tracking and observing brain state changes.


WAVi Performance offers an all-in-one brain performance assessment tool for use in non-clinical settings. This product is well suited for wellness centers, biohackers, health clubs, sports teams and much more. Testing the effect of your proactive treatments and interventions on the brain has never been easier.

WAVi Medical offers an FDA cleared EEG headset as well as complementary research software. This product is well suited for clinicians and clinical researchers who want to quickly measure brain state and track its changes. The WAVi EEG Headset is FDA cleared for use in routine clinical and research settings where rapid placement of a number of EEG electrodes is desired. The WAVi Desktop software is provided as a service for use in clinical research settings where a combination of research — EEG with evoked responses and public domain assessment tools — is desired. WAVi reports have not been evaluated by the FDA and are provided for research, education, and information.